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 From the Heart Through the Pen


 As these leaves fall
It reminds me that seasons change
I sit here thinking about you
18 plus 
Yes, my love for you still remains…

How does the same love that drives me in

Be the same which keeps me sane 

They think all I do is Wynne

Yet I only have eyes for Prince Ali’s wife

You know the musician

So many plays on words

So many ways they hurts

Look how long I’ve chased nirvana

While some lame claims she’s her

Gotta give her credit cause she rehearsed

But she’s bought not built

Thought she was my type

It’s obvious she couldn’t see

All the clues these lines spilt

…Excuse me

I don’t mean to trouble you

I just wanna 

Zoom in on your body’s artistry

So I can understand your history

Don’t let our locked gaze lapse

Cause I’m in so deep

I don’t think either of us can breathe 

I’m admiring each curve, crevice, feature 

Be it black, white or in color

Up close and personal

As if I’m in my own private theatre 

It’s too late if it’s a trap

Your flawless smile with the boomerang effect

You throw it and I’m giving you mine right back

Let me take that S on your chest

Change it to a W

You’ve got me in awe 

And I just want some more of you 

Add my blue to your green world

Let our love match your hair 

As our lips embrace

Fuego is the color

My memory will never erase

My touch doesn’t want to separate

From your skin


¥☼MOI☼¥  25 Nov 23


Let my thoughts run rampant

After this beauty so extravagant

Passion will always be what keeps us…

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