Famine’s beast

Fresh off a seven-year famine Macky walked up to a bar.
His oats full of spar and growling snarl!!!
Wolf lean with fit muscles, he was ready to fight, tango and tussle.
He wrestled the beast to temporarily slow its untamed hustle.
Hunger a merciless gnawing screaming for savage pawing.
Macky wouldn’t be holding back nuthing.
Savage and cruel, craving primeval fuel.
He would sink every inch regardless of flinch.
Pounding to shuddering smithereens in a cacophony of screams.
Mean and savagely hungry he would feast any which way,
any way how, in rapid rugged breaths.
He would lose himself in the first woman’s heat,
panting, grunting, gutturally sub-human plundering her meat.
Famine had beasted him too long, his longing a cruel song.
Macky was already throbbing with inflamed thoughts,
his lava ragingly rising no matter how the tide he fought.
A sexy, throaty voice purred, buy me a drink big guy.
She was a buxom honey blonde, eye to eye, full and deep.
She was feral and smelling Macky’s energy raw.
He could taste her womanly flavor in the air and his beast began to paw.
A bullish run from deep south making a hard run north.
Macky made the plunge liking all that he saw.
He would claw and roar and bind and fetter,
making her river all the wetter.
It would be well into sunrise before her feet on earth he would let her.
Suspending her from overhead rafters
Macky would steep every whim and desire in rapturous laughter.
Her fur flying fire, he relished her deep throated crying
and breathless sighings that he sired.
Buxom blondie’s nails spurring his gallops,
Macky hammered in destructive wallops.
Merciless like a runaway express he hit,
his beast loose, between his teeth no bit.
Destroy, plunder, pillage and sack
all emotional resources without limit.
All of Macky’s innocence chiseled away during seven years of hard grit.
His fuse was lit.
Buxom blondies straining thighs were his only bars as they sparred.
Her grip a winning marathon unmarred.
Macky was a hard shaft and blondie looked at him like a star.

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