Maracas fire

Marcelle in strength and beauty excels.
A warrior whose stance made many hearts go pell mell.
I first saw her in a class in Caracas.
I had just flown into college looking for some maracas.
The room was full of latin and island beauties.
Everyone looked like deliciously fruity booty.
Dark and smooth she was with the whitest teeth.
Lightning flashing in her eyes beneath.
From hair to toes bodily bequeathed.
Street smart tough from the southern continent.
Her musical accent always pertinent.
It was inevitable, inevitable that smoldering embers would blaze and blaze.
Celestial bodies attracted from the cosmic maze.
In those days, our emotional towers were razed and razed.
Each touch an explosion of sparks only contained in our energy ark.
Kisses of fire, on the street live wire.
Te amo between the pages of my texts.
Marcelís personal script smoldering on each page next.
How our hearts skipped walking in Sabana Grande and in the metro flipped!!
As desires passion whipped and whipped.
I remember tan delicioso your lips and the rise and fall of your hips.
A deep sea sailing stormy ship.
And all through the streets and plazas of Caracas,
passion fanned the flames of love to our fiery maracas.

Knight Truelove Poems 9/26/2022