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Tatum's Torturous Travels
14 nights of dismal hallucinations...

A Two-Week Trip?

I suffered an invading germ
that took me on a trip.
For a fortnight jaunt, this bug, unknown,
constrained me in its grip.

Aside from other harsh effects,
I was delirious.
Strange apparitions multiplied
'til this got serious!

Creatures, formed in every object,
walls, and floors, and skies;
not one place could I find respite
to safely hide my eyes.

Everything was so real,
I had nightmares in my head!
I had to keep my eyes agaze,
to calm me in my bed.

My real world turned into a dream;
my dream world became real.
I couldn't tell the two apart
by neither sight nor feel.

Facial features everywhere,
Above and down below!
Jammed in a nightmarish clash,
like, "Holy Picasso!”

At this point, my mind was a wreck,

and nerves began to fray.
One consolation of this trip is,
it was not one-way!

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A Two Week Trip?