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Tatum's Tremendously Tailored Transports

I have spent countless hours  watching experts
create masterpieces from virtually nothing.

Mechanical Maestro​s

"Repurposing, upcycling,
disassembled, modified,
measured, fitted, nicely painted,
re-assembled, re-applied."

Ace engineers & home mechanics
of the private sectors
design and rebuild vehicles
as private home collectors.

They scour the world and salvage yards
for useful auto parts,
then transform and combine them all
to running works of art!

From bending, cutting, moulding, welding
to the final touch,
we've never seen machines on wheels
that blow the mind so much!

Adept and multi-faceted,
their accomplishments impress.
The products from the hours spent,
display their great success!

We've seen them manufacture
odd transports with strange appeal;
custom scooters, hybrid autos,
all things built on wheels!

A masterpiece of expertise
from hands of the downright skilled,
when a new design is underway,
it's a blast to watch them build!


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Mechanical Maestros