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Short Story:     In Love till the End.

                                   Word Count: 727 words

    It was a warm sunny day, with birds chirping of Spring, the blossoms were on the flowers sitting delicately. The scent of Spring was in the air, as Tiffany walked to school.
"What a great day for school," thought Tiffany. As Tiffany walked the few blocks to her school she admired the fresh buds on the flowers and the new leaves on the trees. Tiffany was quite an attractive girl, her frame was tall with a medium build. Shw was a voluptuous, and vibrant young lady, with long flowing brown hair that came to a slight swirl in the middle of her back, she often kept it behind her ears and beaming with a big smile. Her eyes were hazel and always sparkled in any light. Tiffany always seemed to carry herself very well. All of the young men at her school would have given anything to be her beau. But there was only one man for Tiffany and his name was, Quincy.
    Quincy was "from the other side of the tracks," and lead a tougher life than Tiffany, but despite her parents and their friends Tiffany and Quincy were in love, Quincy was a slender but very muscular young man, who often found himself in a bad situation without a good outcome. He had dark hair and brown eyes. Quincy always looked very tough. On many occasions Quincy had been in trouble with the law and spent time in juvenile detention centers,
never for anything violent just the usual bad crowd stuff, once for joyriding and once for stealing from the local department store.
    Finally Tiffany arrives at school and starts looking around for her boyfriend, Quincy. But as always Quincy always got there only a few minutes before class was about to start with his brother, Jordan. Before the first class was over Quincy managed to get into a knock down drug out fight with a guy from his class, that was talking about his girl, Tiffany.
    The teacher broke up the fight and sent Quincy to the principle's office and they called his juvenile detention officer, since he was vitiating his probation. Officer Owen comes and put
hand cuffs on him and takes him back to the detention center, so he could have a few days to cool down.
    In the meantime, back at school. Tiffany finds out what happened to Quincy from her best friend, Crystal. Quincy's best friend, Tyrone tries getting with Tiffany, since Quincy won't be at school for a few days. But Tiffany only has eyes for Quincy and she is madly in love with him.
    A few days pass and Tiffany hears his name being called. She looks around for him. Everyone is happy to see him for he is very popular. Quincy runs over to his girlfriend and gives her a big hug and kiss. Tiffany tells him that she hit his best friend for trying to get with her.
    Some time goes by then at the mall one of his friends hits on his girl, so Quincy beats up his friend. A cop sees this and he gets arrested and back to the detention center he goes.
    Shayna is a friend of Quincy's from jail, who sneaked Tiffany in, so she could see her boyfriend.
    Time passes by he finally gets out. Him and his brother Jordan are planning to do something to the school's pool. But that Jordan had changed all the plans.
    Quincy said,"No! That is not what is planned, no one is suppose to get hurt here.
    So Quincy ran from the room out to the pool area, he jumped into the pool to fix it and he ended up getting strangled in all the ropes and dies.
    Tiffany heard the whole thing and told Quincy's brother that she hated him for killing her boyfriend.
    Everyone thought that Tiffany had enough, so the cops decided to take her home, where she belonged to be with family instead of their at school just remembering all the bad times.
    The whole time the cop was taking Tiffany home, someone was falling them and trying to kill Tiffany. So she then finally realized that they intended to kill her not her boyfriend, just because she would not go out with her boyfriends brother and friends. They thought that if they could not have her, then no one should.

    Written in 2003/Copyright in 2003

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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