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2) Entering The Door of Paradise

Skeleton key hole on cracked mysterious door.
Away from a dark world that reached nothing more –
Than a handful of sorrow. Rejecting the thought of tomorrow.
Light pink blushed cheeks by her lips,
Rag-doll hung from her finger tips.
Faithful child. The small soul smiled.
With faith, hand reached into her hearts pocket,
Heavy silver key placed in empty socket.
To enter a heaven of infinite color skies.
Because love never fails, the red rose never dies.
Every weeping tear began to seize,
As she turned the only true fit key.
Shaped into a costless cross,
The master key of all sin's locks.
She began unleashing herself from earth's misery,
And stepped through the door of a rewarding eternity.

~DaYnA e. 6/02/03

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2) Entering The Door of Paradise