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  THREADS (Free Style)


(Free Style)

Threads of light appeared before me and seemed to creep in my window
With such intentions as to willingly my poor and wretched soul to
Save,from my own destrution by pushing each and all,my shadows away
Once and  for all, from my cursed soul and spirit so wretched and weary

Perpectually dwelling in shadows, that hover and dance right over my
Head, in dreams and nameless visions of doom that in my soul they
Gravitate,to live emcompassing in a very tight embrace my grief and
All my pain,mercelessly inundating my poor thoughts with forceful dark

Intrigues and ravishing seasons, which go trapping all my heart
In the dark, merry-go-rounds of futile and worn-out wishes and
Walls so high, I can't see what really it's  in front of me,with
Glimmering illusions I know, that even in my wildest dreams  don't really exist.

Compressed threads of life now filtering slyly, so furtive, dancing
In their hands carried a bunch of burning hopes and a silent smile
Escaping at the corner of his lips and cruel shadows dancing at his will,  for the many sweet and loving kisses once given in the past.

I run so fast to his encounter full of stars dancing in my heart,
To grab at full hand my share of loving and enchanted dreams,
And gather in my arms like a babe left in the cold  and never
Let them go,as the threads of light so clear by my window at last, I can see.

But he twistes all my dancing dreams with a snap, and bitter
Songs that torment some more my soul than before,and with the
Most hateful smile and a grim of so much hate, he takes them all
And thew them all scattered all to the unforgiving and forgetful
Wind, as my eyes brimmed again with tears, watching the display
Of lights leaving me, and creeping also were all the threads of my life.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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