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The Empty Nest Syndrome

I was warned you will have
the empty nest syndrome
By whom
I do not know
I do not care

A robin pushes her babies out
They have wings strong enough to carry them
They can care for themselves
I as a mother bird  pushed  my  boys out

I thought I had failed  as  a mom
felt they needed to be put out of the nest
They are gone now
As a mother bird without her babies  to feed
I was flightless
My flying was aimless

To show I cared for their souls and futures
I believed I had to say goodbye

I now walk around and say where are my babies
When will I see them
Will I see them

Empty Nest

Nest is a home where the young
are protected taught and loved
empty is my home and my heart
since I pushed my birds out of the nest

syndrome is a cold clinical word
but the feelings the pain
they are not cold and unreal
they are a part of me
as much as the tears I shed
the blood that pours
from an accidental cut or scrape

I have suffered the empty nest syndrome
it will always remain

In 1993  I sent my boys to dad I was on way to prison
I did not go
the reason
I went to state capital with truth i did not prove

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