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Dropped an Envelope in Heaven's UPS

The scurry and worry inside…
Is there but purpose for a unneeded life.
The undeserving-
Of a beating heart which fails those she is concerned.
Ancient words shaped with care,
Still there- with all genuine sincerity.
The pulse that jerks the soul…
The cold thoughts that are unwilling to fall.
The frustration to stand tall and give all my love.
Each prayer is whispered with an uttering shrug of fear,
Afraid to hear- my God pronounce:
He is gone…She is gone…
To once again have to stand strong-
In front of each lie or shame.
To have to lose the game …again.
Send me that which I have cried for.
May I score big and destroy the sin.
And win that which I am unworthy of.
All I want is one you to stay beside me
Beyond the gullible casket who declared an end.
My young time is soon gone, please send.
Please send…

~DaYnA e. 8/11/03

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Dropped an Envelope in Heaven`s UPS