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untitled love poem 1

My love rests safe in the crook of my arm,
Her long, naked body pressed closely to mine
Lying at peace tender and calm
Her bottomless eyes showing no sign
Of short seconds before when kneeling speared
On the length of my hardness, quivering
She had pivoted, plunged, bucked and reared
Mounted tightly, and passionately shivering
Riding the ride of the love possessed
Swaying breast, hard brown tips
Brushing my face to be caressed
By hungry wet searching lips.
A tensed pause, gazes challengingly locked
Then pulling her closer, hands on her thighs
Plumbing her deeply we galloped and rocked
To the climax of moans and long wanting sighs
Her softness gripping
Spilled juices of love
ĎTil small I am slipping
From the pleasures above.
We laughed and we cried
But neither really tried
Any speaking
For could any words
Seem more than absurd
After lovemaking.

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untitled love poem 1