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Your Angel

You've filled my heart with words of love
My heart takes flight and I rise above
Beyond a world filled with pain and spite
I'll be dancing here in heaven with you tonight

I take your hand and lead you home
To that place these seeds of love have grown
I sing you a song of hope and truth
My eyes reflect the joy of an inner youth

I'll wrap you in silver tipped wings of love
And together now no song's unsong
If a time comes when your heart does fall
Look to the heavens and my name do call

For I am your angel faithfully standing by
To lift you up and help you fly
If a day passes when day turns to night
I'll shine an ember of love to burn bright

So come to me love and fly with me
Over the mountains and beyond the sea
To a place where love is oh so real
I'm waiting here.......
with love and outspread wings...
Your Angel


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Your Angel