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Two lovers

I see you there up on that ridge
Overlooking the waves as they crash in
Calling your love cry out to the sea
Hoping the wind will carry it to me

Your white shirt ruffles with the breeze
Your hair is dancing to the song of the seas
I'm looking at you from this distance
Fighting away this life's last resistance

I'd give anything to run to you
Two lovers trying to seek the truth
Through the fields I try to find
A way out of this ensnaring bind

Hoping I can make it through
Before your cries fall into the blue
I see you there, my heart beats
I run to you and fall to my knees

You hold out a hand to help me now
A smile on your face, ne'er a frown
You lift me into your warm embrace
You place a kiss upon my face

For now two lovers have come to be
Fighting the lone call of the sea
Waves now sing this song of love...
Of these two lovers that rose above


~~~ Moon Shadow ~~~

Signatures by Ponygirl


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Two lovers