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I'm Traveling

Here I go with heart in hand
Across the distance, over the land
I see a mountain in my way
But my heart holds firm...
I look to it and say...

I'm traveling to find my love
You might be high...
But I will rise above
Nothing can change my written course
Its a path I follow with no remorse

I see a river as wide as can be
I say to it...
You can not deter me
For I hold a love deeper than you
So on I go, Beyond that blue

I see a rain cloud in the sky
I call out to it...
My heart wont be denied
For in every life, rain will fall
But my heartbeat echoes loudest of all

I see a path ne'er before tread
I ask it...
Will you be longer...
It isn't a thought I dread
Because sometimes life is trying
But with my heart...I'm traveling

And someday my journey will be done
My heart in hands, I'll find the one
And in my eyes he will someday see
The love I carried as I went traveling


Celtic Lady


~ Brandy's Sigs ~

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I`m Traveling