Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula 
  Michael Ssemakula

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 The Beauty of the Water Falls

As I closely watched the splendid waterfalls,
I felt a wave of love and care embracing me
The presence of cool air awaited for my wishes
No Church, Priest nor well wishers were needed
And no doubts about it; obviously God was present

Gently the flow of the water took its prime
Likewise, made me forget my woes and pains
The trees seemed to watch in admiration,
For I was witnessing wonders in a place
where Peace would have no chances to reign.

To the music I listened and knew no fears,
The gushing of the waters was music to my ears
As smiles fetched from all corners of my face
The invisible birds formed small choirs all over
And sang in turns like in a classical Festival

As if they were conforming to my discoveries
The waters glided calmly in intimate regards
As I took in the beauty of the waterfalls
Something became so evident and I knew
That...God will always be where he chooses

Copyright 2003 Michael Ssemakula

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