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 For You And I

Can you hear the roar of cannons and the thunder of the drums
Can you see them marching with their banners held high
marching across God's highway in the sky

Those are the men and women, who paid the price so high
on the battlefields across the land, on the sea
and in the sky for…
You and I

Now they don't want our sympathy or hear us cry
They just want us to  remember, who, where and why
So the next time you hear a crash of thunder, look to
the sky and I'm sure you will see them marching by
the thousands, marching, marching, marching by

So let's you and I remember as  the year melt away
Who those men and women were
Where they were and why they were there
So they may know that we still care

Did those men and women die just to keep that red,
white and blue banner waving high

No indeed…
They died for you and I

Jackie R. Kays
DaNang, S. Vietnam-65


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