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Unequal Costume of Gender

This poem reflects the predujice issues aimed at women, it is a reply to the quote "Men are stronger!"

My opinion may be crude, I know I am bias,
But you have stood long enough, glancing down from your dias,
None of which to be extirpated, none to die out,
Both sex are needed, that is without a doubt.

Why domination? Equipped with arrow and bow,
Physically stronger...Mentally NO!
Discrimination is the word, the punishment we have faced,
We are as important as the male, in this unfortunate human race.

We deserve our rights, our freedom of speech,
Yet still insecurity, so for the power we reach,
We still play our parts, through motherhood and sender,
The difference we are proud of this....
Wearing our unequal costume of gender.

Not to damage your ego, but through scientific doors..
The muscle that bears children, is stronger than any muscle of yours.


Tara Bennett.

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Unequal Costume of Gender