Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula 

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 Soiled Road Map To Luwero Triangle

In Memory Of Grandpa 1889-1991- Christopher Kamya Wampamba & The People

Of Luwero Triangle-Uganda (E.Africa)-


Grandpa said, he wanted to meet apollo milton to have

Hot coffee by the bloody soiled road map in Luwero triangle

That, they should talk about the big picture and the

Buganda Kingdom land at large, without a resident King

Grandpa said he will pursue his rightful calling on a dirt

Road to Matugga- Ssaayi- Semuto- Kapeeka and Masuuliita

Where vultures left to find better appeasing things to do

Weary citizens roamed the abandoned fertile terrains as

Though homesteads and farming were forbidden by law

Historical roads turned into fox paths and snake hide-outs

As if it was an act of parliament, villages without children

Noble folks slept on the run with jungle laws at hand

Good tribesmen were led to be at best as dead ones

Grandpa fought to pronounce milton's last name in his

Speech, but words just muddled furiously in his mouth

Like Ugandans wandering with no safe place to go

When I saw Grandpa, laid down in his coffin

Like a sword of honor, ready for inspection

I deeply thought that milton must be living

A shameless, braying lifestyle wherever he is.

Copyright ©2003 Michael Ssemakula

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