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primary school

it's a long way to tipperary was granddad's favourite song
he sang it every Sunday and grandma sang along
now I knew a tipper was my favourite type of lorry
I didn't know what a rary was but I did feel very sorry
for the poor old tipper driver forced on the road to roam
just to find a tipping place a long long way from home
granddad didn't understand when I asked if it was true
you had to do silly things for the sweetest girl you knew

on the radio programmes how could the band play merrily along
when the singer had just said he'd perform a brand new song
was the music written on cue cards dangled before their eyes
or wasn't it a new song and they were all just telling lies
how did they know the numbers when jesus fed the masses
did somebody count them in and issue entry passes
what size were the fishes and were they haddock or cod
and who paid the little lads bill was it jesus or was it god

when we sang christmas carols i Ďd just gaily sing along
but no matter how i tried i'd punctuate it all wrong
it said king david lived in royal so i couldn't understand
why i could never find it marked on any maps of david's land
at school I asked our teacher who didn't think for long
just said I'd be a vicar or else I would be hung
which sent me off thinking adults lived in a different land
but I carried on asking hoping that one day I'd understand


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primary school