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A Letter To Blue

Dear Blue
Can I hold you now?
Baby, I only want to say I'm sorry
I know my words they hurt you
And all I can offer is this apology

Let me kiss away the pain
I know I've brought so much to you
I wish I could just close my eyes
And say I love you
Yes I do

So I'm writing you this letter
Signed with love and sealed with a kiss
I only pray I can make things better
Let me explain...
In case my feelings you might have missed

I'm not the Queen of Nothing
Because I have your heart
And that is one of the worlds best treasures
I should have seen it from the start

I don't want to smash the mirror
Because you are a part of me
And the two of us are beautiful
And I want the world to see

No longer will I hide away
Or put my heart upon a shelf
And I vow to you this very day
To think of someone other than myself

So please Baby read this letter
I am sending with love now to you
And I hope that I can replace your pain
With a feeling so much more beautiful

So let me hold you now
And please believe that I am sorry
Let us look together to a new day
Where two hearts in love are soaring

I love you Babyblue. Nothing will ever change that. You have my heart and soul always. Meet me in sweet dreams tonight.


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