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Save The Worms

(Children are amazing :) For my daughter Amber)

The sun was shining down for a bit
Slowly melting some of the snow away
Puddles of mud were springing up
So you decided to go out and play

Now my daughter Amber loves animals
Be it big ones or those very small
And she is determined to save them
Yes she will have to rescue them all

So there in one of the puddles
A poor little creature did squirm
She reached down and plucked it out
Exclaiming mommy I've got to save the worm

It was of course a nightcrawler
So slimey with its body pink and long
But I have to give her some credit
For a long time she stayed strong

It moved then in her little hand
And thats when she softly wept
The laughter that arose in me...
I should have tried to have kept

So off to the trusty dirt pile
My little Amber did race
Screaming with her friend the worm
And tiny tears streaming down her face

She looked over at me then
Saying mommy that was way to close
But I dont think that I will ever..
Save something again thats so gross



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Save The Worms