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''G'' ''O'' ''D''

“GOD” is a three letter word that begins with “G”
I do not believe in the letters “G” “O” “D”
I believe in my mother's big kitchen table
Where there were fried eggs and bacon every morning
And my father's garden full of tomatoes and potatoes
And I believe in lakes full of water
Where dad would catch endless numbers of fish
That mom would fry and we all would eat.

Then my sisters tried to teach me about God.
But they didn't talk about fish or gardens or breakfast in the morning
They talked about the wise old man who was the creator of the universe
I didn't know what a universe was
But I did watch TV and knew all the news
So when I kneeled at the foot of my bed for my evening prayers
I pictured God as this wise old scientist who ran a bank of computers
That ran the world and the reason I crossed my fingers in prayer
Was to create an antenna to broadcast the radio waves of my brain
To God's great computer in the sky.  I was a very modern child.

Then there was Jesus who seemed too far away to be real
And the Methodist Sunday School book “Growing in Wisdom and Stature”
I didn't know what “stature” was the first time I read it, I thought it said “Statue”
I didn't want to be a statue but I went to church every Sunday
Because that's just what we did and I knew my Grandmother approved
And I always liked what she liked.

Then came that sunny spring afternoon on an Easter visit
To aunts and uncles and cousins in Southern Missouri
My sister and I paused in front of the traditional Protestant picture of Jesus
“You know, they always paint him so serious, somber and sober, my sister said
“But I bet he could tell a good joke”
At that moment, I heard Jesus laugh
And Jesus and I have been laughing ever since.