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simple words

I suppose I'm just a simple man
but I can read and write.
I struggle with the crossword
nearly every single night.
I like to write my poetry
when I can make the time.
I'm not very good at rhythm
and don't always make the rhyme
but I keep my poems simple
using the words I understand
without a dictionary and thesaurus
parked by my right hand.
I'd like to read the masters
but don't know latin or greek
and their constant classical allusions
leave me feeling up the creek.
I'd like all to enjoy reading poetry
I'd like to see the books themselves
mixed in with all the others
not on their separate shelves.
the section marked anthology
sounds too like an apology
and writing for an elite
may be very pleasing
but it deprives ordinary folk
the pleasures of it's reading.

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simple words