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c on f us ion


Uncertainty in my dreams...

   ...c o n f u s i o n....

Last scribble in my Diary,
Year two-thousand and two.
It talked about the days I was with you. then you.
Calandars marked with dates,
Too late. Past is  the past.
At last, tomorrow is here..
Or is today yesterday?
Lemme catch up,
Before I mess up.
D'oh! Here I go again.
No friend, or fan of myself.
Butterflies that died,
Inside my stomache.
I love it. I hate it.
I hate it.
Dun need a dictionary-
  to help me on this one.
Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I throw away shoe boxes of love,
Then find a better new.
But wheres the glue -
To stick the puzzle tight.
Nights to cry ahead of me?

Nights to cry ahead of me?

Nights to cry ahead of me...
Bleeding notes on the piano,
Poetry that sounds like shi.. sugar.. t.

Toss the past to the side,
Try and hide the damaged self.
Wish i had the smile I had when i was six.
Priceless. I hate getting old.
Gotta worry about being told
that your not near perfect afterall,
But hey, we all fall.
Call it life.

"God help me",  I stuck the note to my screensaver.
"Do me one more favor God, and never live to far from me."

~DaYnA e. 12/21/03

Bless all you souls that are "fans of my poetry"... Next time i shall add a happy poem! :)

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c on f us ion