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Standing on the Corner

I am standing on the corner-waiting

The buses are running way behind schedule
Slowed by the blinding snow
That's got me all bunched up
In my leather jacket…shivering

I watch each driver in each car
Strain at the wheel as they pass-
This my lonely winter vigil for a city bus

I think about last night at "EXIT"

My friends were there and I was there
And we shared the Rock and Roll the DJ played for us
And we shared the beer and the being together
That only a good bar can bring

We have all partied together for years
And laughed together
And cried together
And said good-bye
To those of us who have died

I grew up with Rock and Roll
Jazz and Blues and Country and Gospel and Soul
All came together in a beat
And we called it Rock and Roll

I remember that night in 1956-
Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show
We all sat around our new Television-
I was nine years old

“Hound Dog” was a good song andI liked it
I remember my mother laughed and my dad chuckled
They grew up in The South-
They knew what he was singing about

The next day at school
I remember thinking about “Hound Dog.”
And talking about it with the other kids

That's about the only thing I remember
From the third grade
And I didn't remember that
Until last night
While talking with this kid named Chucky
Who I didn't know too well

He was telling me he how he
Was only three when Kennedy was shot
And he could never understand
Why people thought Presley
Was so great

I looked at him and something inside me crawled
I said “Hey, man…let me tell you.”
“When his bloodied hit her lap in Dallas
We all knew the future wasn't going to work"

And everybody cried

A little bit of each of us died
When his brain got ripped by bullets

And Presley-
He was the first to tell us
We are all just crazy

We are all just hound dogs
Lookin' for a rabbit
"And you ain't no friend of mine.”

We are all just puppies-looking for love
Dancing out the drama of our lives
In this place
This bar
This job

This cold snow swirling
Around my leather jacket
As I am shivering-waiting for a bus
To get home after a night of Rock and Roll
And love in Chicago