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eleven, twelve

Here we go again…
Trapped inside, my broken wings…
Unvalued dreams…

Satan trying ever so hard to intrude in my heart,
Attempting to take me and possess me.

Times have come where I don't have adequate strength,
My faith has been downsized and I'm too feeble to crucify

I don't have enough patience for tomorrow
And I have not learned how to enjoy today.

And I have yet to live and learn,
How to die to myself.

Depression dripping like rain with dexterity,
The sun attempting to drill its way into my sky.
And the choice is all mine.

Stand by, for I will change,
And I pray to God I'll change.
And the mess will be rearranged into order.
Problems will seem to shrink shorter and shorter.
And I will smile the way I was when I was six,
And every imperfection will be shown undoubtedly,
And without embarrassment or shame.
Each day will be taken one at a time,
With out fear.
My future holds too many good things,
For evil to damage all my dreams.

Because I will finally elude and escape-
What I feel is like a prison circling me,
And unchain myself completely.
Never again to return,
To this trap of misery.

~DaYnA e. 1/12/04

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eleven, twelve