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Prayers For A Soldier

(For My Bro)

I fall on my knees and pray
Dear Lord just bring him home
There's no one there to hold him
Sleeping under a strange sky all alone

It's just a sisters loving wish
And I'm sure it's just like many others
But of all the people that a girl could need...
Lord, I really miss my brother

So I'm writing him this letter
And I hope it reaches him soon
So he knows that I am thinking of him
And all of the guys in his platoon

I've had to write it many times
Just so he won't see my tears
I need to know that he's alright
Just to quiet a poor girls fears

And as I pray to you now Lord
These tears continue to flow
And I know with every tear that falls
He has made a wish to come on home


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Prayers For A Soldier