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Speaking Of The Seasons

My mind ticks over
With rhyme and prose
And I think of the seasons
And how they go
Then I think of how
Those seasons would be
If I didn't have you
In love with me

Winter without you
Just couldn't be
For I wouldn't feel
This warmth inside of me
Snow and ice would steal
Breath from my chest
And my world would be empty
Frozen at best

Spring without you
I just couldn't see
Everything would be reborn...
All except me
Flowers would simply
Have no reason to bloom
And no lovers would walk
Beneath the April moon

Summer without you
Please say it isn't true
No kites in the sky
Of soft silky blue
There'd be no reason
To seek out the shade
And there'd be no spectators
As sandcastles are made

Fall without you....
Yes that's what I'd do
Like the trees tired branches...
I tell you it's true
I'd lose all my color
And my day would grow dim
And the winds would take my words
On the smallest of whim

So you see my dear love
What you mean to me
I need you in my life...
It simply must be
The earth has its seasons....
And my heart has you
But unlike the days passing....
My love never changes for you


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Speaking Of The Seasons