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Alan leaped from the car, lay with his head in the gutter
Between his retching moans we could hear his constant mutter
That the world just kept on moving and that was making him ill
So me and Sam lay beside him and held that pavement still

Hawkins folding his Guardian, adjusting the arms of his chair
Then raising a pint in friendship, each happy the other was there

Burke and me hiding in the gardens counting the stars in the sky
Giggling as Jack called her name as he walked searchingly by
Burke was in love with her Jack – Burke and me were just friends
So she sneaked back to the bar and stargazing came to an end

Ware and me in the mess chatting happily away
A very pleasant end to a normal nondescript day

A three drink day in ‘Gladbach, brandy and kirsch and beer
And from my little barstool demob didn't seem  so very near
So I decided to join the comrades, offer support to the other side
And climbed through the bog window intending to hitch a ride
But ol' jacko wasn't so thick and he had guessed my game
And thumped sense back into me as I turned to answer my name

Simpson and me watching the sunrise through a bit of a beery haze
Not realising the night had passed in talk of friends and old days

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