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if we were happy all the time

The gold dust is falling from my hands
Shame is dripping from my eyes
To run far from this place… is unachievable
Because my vision has gone out of focus
My attention has been turned elsewhere
I feel too stimulated in my own ways
And too weak to conquer my dreams
My weakness, logically speaking-
Empowers over me in all senses
My refusal to be somebody I wasn't meant to be
Is now a fairytale of hope for change tomorrow

Anybody can write about their tears
“Falling down like the rain with no end”
For sorrow invades everybody's heart
At some time or another
And we desire for the world to see
Our hurt and pain

Nobody cares about our pain
Like the rain, it washes away
Perhaps life would be dull and stupid
If we were happy all the time

~DaYnA e. 3/2/04

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if we were happy all the time