The Black & White Poet

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So far from me
Wish that I could fly
‘Cause I know in my heart
Tempting to sleep tonight
Is oh so cold and lonely
The memories keep flowing
The future is falling
And the time is rolling
Wish that during this rain
I could run free to you
Exposing all the pain
That I've held without you
Each flaw dripping
On then through me
Two sides lye- right before me
So I pull you outside
Try to make a  choice
We watch my life cry
Under middle ‘E' noise
Completely and boundlessly
Yet effortlessly
Presenting right here finally to you
Stood stricken when you saw no red or blue
My true colors glaring under the night
One hundred percent black and white

~DaYnA e. 3/4-5/04

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