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I Can't Catch You

So slow the heart can rip,
A year can drip…
And my thought of your love
Being unreliable right now.
The decisions that lie before me
Answers, from my enemy?
Hanging on the hand of a life
I know almost nothing of.
What are your true desires?
Or what are your real fears?… your secrets.
Perhaps I haven't discovered your heart
Or gotten hold of it…
…like I thought I had.
Tell me,
Which words from you are genuine?
I don't feel you often.
And when I do,
Brilliance is dazzled.
But when I'm lost in heartache,
Discouragement or uncertainty-
Everything appears so distant, hopeless and empty.
I use all I got and can't catch you…
And I feel you care not to really chase me.
I need your truth. I need your security.
Never will I need to kiss your lips,
To know your love for me.

~DaYnA e. 3/16+17/04

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I Can`t Catch You