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I Love You

I like walks, and sunsets,
and days with no rain showers,
roses and lilacs,
are my favorite flowers,
wearing and decorating
in shades of blue
but, my Darling,
I Love You

I like Christmas music,
and Christmas lights,
exhausting days,
and cuddling nights,
I like reading
and writing poetry, too,
and Yes, Sweetie,
I Love You

I like cute figurines
with a music box,
my Eeyore shirts,
and Eeyore socks,
I like wind chimes
when the breeze is new,
and oh, my Sweetheart,
I Love You

I like the scent of lavender
in the perfume that I wear,
and sometimes I like to put
a flower in my hair,
I like rainbows
with a soft shinny hue,
and, my Honey,
I Love You

I like gold and pearls
to accessorize,
and sometimes blue shadow
on my eyes
I like grass wet
with morning dew,
but most of all
I Love You

8/3/02 For Pat

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I Love You

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