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Until Heaven

What kind of trouble is soiled within me?
Disturbances and happiness wicked.
Like a candlestick slowly burning
Away. Away.
What comes after its ceases away?
I think my spirit has been entwined
Yet when leaving him behind,
I can only wonder on the behalf of completeness.
Where's any logic in this heart I hold?
Being cold and warm all the time.
So juvenile with so many uncertainties.
No solid choices- just unsettlement.
Where's the directions to my own inside?
I can feel it when I smile, I can feel it when I cry.
God make your self loud in my life,
So when I die, paradise will reopen its wings,
I'll hear heaven sing and find myself lost
From each provoking alarm…
Until then, I can allow the risk of his love
To touch my lips and sink far, far in me.

~DaYnA e. 3/21/04

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Until Heaven