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Return of Tommy Tapper

Tommy Tapper wrote a letter
and sent it to the mayor -
Hope you're free on Tuesday
Ďcos I'll be coming there.
Now they're after Tommy Tapper
patrolling every street
but Tommy Tapper's careful
of everyone he meets,
and Tommy Tapper's crafty
and Tommy's raring to go,
time for another dance
another little show.
The lure of fame is calling
to Tommy's twinkling feet
so watch out very soon
he may be down your street
and if you feel a little nip
on your lovely derriere
there's every likely chance
Tommy T was there
showing his appreciation
of the  female form,
for to Tommy pinching bottoms
is a lovely little norm.
Now you may catch a glimpse
from the corner of your eye
But you'll never fully see him
No matter how you try.
He's fast and quick and careful
and his security is good,
he's gone before you see him,
the  dancing Robin Hood.
For Tommy, Queen and Country
should be our national song,
let's all vote for Tommy
as we sing along
and let's have simple pleasures
and let's have love and joy.
Tommy Tapper said it.
That crazy dancing boy

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Return of Tommy Tapper