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 J.R. Kays' Chronicles

J.R. Kays' Chronicles

 Born in Sedalia, Missouri in April, 1933.
 Orphaned at the age of three.
 Raised in a dysfunctional foster home.
 (Lied about my age) Joined the Missouri National Guards in January…49,
 at the age of 16.
 Quit High School during my Junior year.
 Joined the United States Air Force the day I turned 17. (April-1950)
 Took Basic Training at Lackland AFB, Texas. The Korean war broke-out while
 attending basic.
 Flight "4942" was divided into two equal parts, all
 personnel were designated as Air Police.
 One half of the flight was assigned to the West coast.
 The other half to the East coast.
 First assignment, Westover AFB, Mass. (MATS ) O.J.T. Air Police.
 Over-seas assignment (50-54) to Orly AB, Paris France. Duties:
 Ramp Rat, Desk Sgt. AND General Eisenhower's Aircraft Security detail…
 (C-121 Super Constellation, Name: "The Columbine-The pilot was
 Major William Draper.) Received my GED High school diploma.
 Graduated from: "European Command Intelligence and Military
 Police School" at Oberammergau, Germany in 1951.
 Married a French girl in 52. (Two children, a boy and a girl)
 Assigned to Air Police, Elington AFB, Texas (1955) Duties: Town Patrol
 in Houston, Texas.
 Re-assigned to Orly AB, Paris, France (55-59) Duties: Vehicle Accident
 Investigator/criminal Invetigator.
 Assigned to Tyndall AFB, Florida (59-63) Duties: Flight Commander,
 Town Patrol, and Air Police Investigation. Graduated from
 "The Provost General's school at Ft. Gordon, George on 29th of
 June 1962-Criminal Investigation."
 TDY back to France for four months on Operation "Short Spurt."
 Assigned to George AFB, CA, (64 until Sept. 65) Duties: NCOIC of Air Police
 Assigned to the Air Police at Danang AFB, S. Vietnam in Oct, 1965.
 Duties: NCOIC of a four man Flight-line/Perimeter Patrol.
(In an old I.H. Scout.)
 On the night of 11/21/65. I was injured while involved in securing an
 Aircraft (C-123-Flair ship) crash site. The craft crashed just off the
 South end of the runway. In our sector.
 In early December, I was air vac to Japan…spent a month in hospital.
 Air Vac back to Eglin AFB, Hospital…five months Physical Therapy.
 Medically discharged in May-1966.
 Over Sixteen years of love and dedication for the United States Air Force
 and the men, with whom I served.
 Note: I've cried on occasions in my life, but never like I did on the day
 I was discharged from the Air Force, or the day, Saigon fell to the NVA.
 (I'm not ashamed of those tears…they were golden.)
 I am the author of numerous poems which can be viewed at; Jackspoems.com
 I also have four books in regard to the Vietnam War in publication;
 "The Stone Throwers, To Die Alone, Security Police in Vietnam
 and Thialand, and Badge of Honor in war and peace."
 My wife of 53 years passed away in 2005.
 P.S. Above dates are to the best of my memory.
 I welcome your e-mails. (Thank you for taking the time to read this.)
 Jackie R. Kays
 I am a proud member ot the Vietnam Security Police Assocation!

Note: I remarried on the 14th of Febuary 2007 to
Mrs. Wanda L. Branstetter.(A wonderful Woman!)
"I am forever honored...for I have marched with heroes!" (jk)


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