Poetic Verses

Poetical Birth

Of Matter And Memory,
title chosen,
poetical works,
in time frozen,
Sense-ical, nonsense-ical
word-play drama
grammatical blurbs,
insert the coma,
Read them, write them,
dissect and devour
Sexual, sensual,
emotional power
Explicit or literal
time will tell all
Don't rock the bough hard
the cradle will fall
Give birth, in submission,
to creativity's ride
umbilical cord,
yet to be tied,
food for the brain,
Cut the cord, slap it
before we're insane
Newborn creation,
ebb and tide,
flow the gifts
from deep inside
Syllabic sequences,
in rhythm and rhyme,
forever preserved
for all time

8/11/02 dedicated to Mark the UK poet

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Poetical Birth

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