Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Would it kill you to give an inch?

I want to rip off your head
And drink your soul,
Investigate why it is that you choose
To make me feel this way.
So undeserving and, unwanted.
I want to chew up your brain
And digest the angry thoughts
That, no doubt, swarm in your head.
Every time you look at me,
I see your eyes push away
The iota of kindness you harbor,
And out comes irritation and annoyance.
I want to trade eyes with you
And see me as you see me.
I want to see things as you see them,
So I can see why you are so mad.
I want to know what’s up so
Maybe I can offer you my cold,
Yet helping hand. I just care,
Would it kill you to give an inch
And let me know what’s really going on?

May 6, 2004

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Would it kill you to give an inch?

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