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Ware loved the language
chose his words with care
each delicately placed
the right one to be there
carefully correct
un mot very juste.
Lackenby used his words
like a sledge hammer thrust
pouring out in insult
words never before paired
conjuring up phrases
never before aired.
In his quiet Geordie accent
with his bent nosed grin
when he started talking
you were just drawn in.
He didn't seem to repeat himself
though I suppose at times he did
pouring out his words
like a tin that's lost its lid.
Ware would interrupt
and Lackenby pounced
Ďtil ware would retreat
verbally trounced
but all the time laughing
leaving Lackenby the floor
and we all knew
Ware'd be back for more.
Open secretly old Ware
admired the unrelenting flow
as Lackenby bent the language
tossed strange phrases to and fro.
Each occasion as Lackenby left
to wander off to his bed
Ware would be wryly grinning
and gently shaking his head.

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