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Dollar Store Wishes

Alone, I walked down the last aisle slowly,
My eyes focusing on the laundry detergent-
And forcing my pain to stay inside.
...But like a cloud holding its showers,
The weight can become too heavy.
I never intend to be a dramatic person,
Or a person who feels sorry for themseleves...
Emotion can be an uneeded obstacle,
Or an imprudent hindrance-
This realization is very essential.
But to merely ignore or shove away true pain,
Is not necessary.
All I wanted was to be out of this lonesome dollar store,
And within a zero-mile radius of Adam.
Furthermore, I know my simple, yet selfish wishes
Seem to never just come across my path.
But after a long, 5-minute drive home,
And a single two-hour drive south later,
One of my wishful moments came about after-all.

~DaYnA e. 5/18/04

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Dollar Store Wishes