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colonel green 1965

Colonel Green you let me down
going on leave leaving Colonel Clown
in your place when my papers came through
and now I've got to start all anew.
My discharge was through that very day
but you had to pack up and go away,
and he didn't know I'd led you a dance
and decided to give a second chance;
we'd played the game, knew all the rules.
You didn't treat me like a fool
didn't deliberately destroy my dreams
just skilfully countered my devious schemes.
I couldn't hold back my tears of grief
which Colonel Clown thought were of relief
and was embarrassed by my attitude
which he thought was one of gratitude.
You would have enjoyed the RSM's jeers
as I stood in his office in frustrated tears.
He said a squaddie just can't resign
so you'd better start to toe the line.
I'll watch you lad, I've got your measure,
it will give me the greatest pleasure
to drop on you like a ton of bricks
if you try any more of your dubious tricks.
You may fool them but you'll not fool me
I've notcome  from officer factory:
and to this day I'm not sure, but I really think
as he threw me out he gave a slight wink.
They did eventually give in.
I did eventually win
I got my moment of demob glory
but the how and why are another story.

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colonel green 1965