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D Day 6th June 2004

They stand there on the beaches where,
As young men they stood before,
Many a tearful eye reflecting on
Recalled horrors of world war.
Their pride mixed with memories
Of lost comrades and old friends
Those men of many nations landed
For the beginning of an end.
As these brave men stand there
Remembering their lost
Their must be many doubts
About the value of the cost
Was it all for nothing?
Is this world a better place?
Did we learn any lessons?
We of the human race.
Is the world any freer?
Is every body fed?
Do we live in harmony?
Are we better led?
Have we learned our lesson?
Of what has gone before
Have we made our plough shares
Of our many weapons of war

They stand there in the cemetries
Humble in their pride.
How many  must feel cheated
Deep down there inside.
They deserve more than to be remembered
As old men recalling losses
Standing there forlornly
Amongst the fields of crosses.

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D Day 6th June 2004