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Am I Not Good Enough

Someone please tell me,
Am I not good enough the way I am?
Why are you always trying to change me?

I may not be perfect,
But I love who I’ve become,
You may not like it,
But I’m actually important to some.

They don’t judge,
They don’t try to change,
They love me for me,
I’m just wondering why
that’s how you couldn’t be?

I’m not asking much of you,
Just to respect me if you can,
You use to love who I was,
Until I didn’t go along with your plan.

I need you to know that I love you,
Even though you don’t approve,
I’m still a great person,
Even with my mind on the move.

My thoughts may get the best of me,
But I need you to understand,
I’m just me, no one else,
I can’t always fit all of your demands.

I’m not going to change,
Because then I would be untrue,
I just needed you to know,
That’s something I’m not willing to do.

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Am I Not Good Enough