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Ah! Speak not to me
of your God on high!
For no true God would
sanction the be-heading
of one of his own creations.

Speak not to me of your
riotous hatred, your pious
beliefs of your mad man..

You will die in the desert,
your soul will sink to the
depths of hell for you
are a killer of innocent
men, women and children.

You are a bomber, murderer and a coward.
You have committed crimes of barbarism
against the laws of humanity.

You will never receive the sacraments  
of grace. You will never witness
God’s glorious face.

You are a Gargoyle from hell.
You have no conscience, no
compassion, no humanity.
You abide with the devil, for
only he, you know.

You can pretend, but the world knows
you are the son of the devil…not of man.

No angels, no virgins, no martyrs,
just an eternity of damnation.  
Hell will be the final destination
of your sorry terrorist soul.

Jackie R. Kays

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