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Come to the movie,
Come on and see.
Now you can laugh, can cry,
Even though the good guy dies?

Yes, a movie can be fun,
You can watch someone run. To go somewhere and hide,
Or through the ocean ride.
The girl chases the guy,
Do we even know why?
The hero we may not know yet,
But he or she we won't forget.

On might die, one might live,
But their best they will always give.
Whether they win or lose,
Whether they are happy or blue?

Yes, watch the movie with me,
And laugh or cry at what you see.
We will share popcorn, maybe a candy bar,
You know we won't have to drive very for.

Yes, you and I can say we know,
Of to that movie other people should go.
Thank you for the time you gave,
You know, we will do it again someday.

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