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Me, the padre, and god

I believe religion is personal
Or even the lack of it
And church parades
Did tend to drag a bit
So I fell out
At the gym door
Doubling as a church
As did many more
But I was the first
So to my shame
Got a 252
And the blame
They sent us to the padre
Who I told I didn't agree
That he was a major
Not a corporal just like me
‘Cos Jesus said
We were all the same
Another 252
And a bad name
But they agreed
And for evermore
They let me fall out
At the door
My last parade
On the square
They made me stand
All on my own there
Then the Rupert at the front
Really made my day
Shouted fall out the atheist
And I was off and away
Blessing him
For being kind
And allowing no time
To change his mind

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Me, the padre, and god