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Renee's Party Part 2– Eli , Mrs C , Hank Williams,  and me

How I wish I could thank Mrs C and Eli for their concern - let them know I found my own way and survived - (and of course The Chief and Mr C for their understanding). As for Hank Williams - i discovered his genius at the age of 14, still as fresh as the day i first heard it those many years ago.

I was living Hank's story, at least that bit about the booze.
He was my daily companion as together we lived his blues,
but Mrs C and Eli had decided a joint plan of attack -
that with their constant help I would be put back on track.
The Chief and Mr C thought it one great joke.
Guess they were really jealous of us single blokes.
So I left Renee's party –I think it was fairly late
‘cos Eli and the Chief had left another crate.
Finally in to the bar rolled Glasby and me
and I felt the wrath of an angry Mrs C.
We'd gone in so quietly she didn't know I was there
until my little mishap when I fell off my chair.
I remember being quite proud ‘cos I hadn't spilled a drop
but still Mrs C and Eli decided my drinking had to stop.
I had to press and clean my suit
and drink much less beer.
They really had me thinking
my end was drawing near.
I lived their regime
for nearly two weeks
but a life being sober
looked very bleak;
so I explained to the chief how they'd gone too far
and me and Hank and Glasby went and found Peter's 'gladbach bar
'cos me and Hank only had out dignity left to lose
yet together we knew we could truly sing our blues.
I missed the chief and Eli but it was only a little pause
'till Mrs. C and Eli found a more worthy cause

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Renee`s Party Part 2– Eli , Mrs C , Hank Williams, and me