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Of mouse and man

(With tongue in cheek, and in anticipation of the rollocking I'll get from Ellen, aka Doll)

We are all born with a condition
Though it's acquired pre-natal
It's called obsolescence
And of course it's fatal
So death is always there
It's only as you get older
That you become aware
He's standing at your shoulder
You know he always wins
So you live every day
Ignoring his presence
But he won't go away
And every day's a victory
One more added to your score
But it's only human nature
To want more and more
And there's always the uncertainty
One's span is never known
Should it be faced in company
Or is it better on your own
And is death the end
Or start of a different life
Can I start again
Must I keep my wife
But acceptance comes
You tolerate the situation
Only hoping it's with dignity
Not during defecation
Oh wouldn't it be nice
If when death dropped by
He caught you in the midst
Of a post coital high
Ending your personal race
In a state of grace
With a smirk on your face

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Of mouse and man