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God Made A Masterpiece

God made a masterpiece
Sculpted soft with his hands
It is the love and the beauty
I have seen in this man

He sculpted his masculine arms
With a mold from his own
Always soft and so tender
A comfort and pleasure to know

He took stars from the heavens
Soft clouds from the skies
Took brilliant rays from the sun
And created his eyes

He captured a soft summer breeze
Mixed it with a nightengales melody
Took the strongest siren song
Gave him laughter so sweet

He gathered all cupids arrows
All flowers blooming in start
Swept the land for its beauty
And created his heart

For this special gift
Lord I thank you on my knees
For bringing this man into my life
He is truly your masterpiece


  To The World You May Be
Just One Person...

To One Person, You Just May
Be The World...

~Sigs by Dale~

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God Made A Masterpiece