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Faith vs Religion

In order to enter the Kingdom of the Lord
I simply believed that Jesus laid His life
On the cross for my sins,
Accepted Him into my heart
And repented for those sins that He had washed away...
That from then on, love my fellow neighbors,
in the humanitarian sense of the word,
For He loves them as much as He loves me...
That's all, accept Him, and love others,
No further deeds...
No complex recipes to prepare or follow
But wait a minute-
Somehow by the force of religion,
I was led to believe that
Before I leave this earth
I must
Make sure I prove it-
Prove that I am one of His children
Through puppet Script verbatim in my speech, and
Gestures en-Christened by placebo human touch
Prove to critics unbeknownst to themselves,
What I was taught to believe-
Else my Judgement-
Administered by their Ruler
Also known as my Ruler
-is furnished solely
By their remixed perceptions
of prior interpretations of the
Father's Original Simple Truths
This is my assessment of
What I was taught to believe...
Amidst this round of
Faith vs Religion

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Faith vs Religion